Beef bones are divided into two large subgroups: spongy bones and marrow bones.

Marrow bones are the cylindrical bones that contain bone marrow inside their cavity. Marrow bones, like, for example, beef neck bones, are not at all a second-rate offal, but a full-fledged and mouth-watering dish that is a gourmet healthy dish, if well-cooked.

There is no wonder that bone marrow has lately become a popular product to buy. It is a spongy tissue in the center of bones. Most of all it is in the leg bones and spine. It is partially composed of stem cells that are most valuable to the body. Bone marrow has a thick texture and a slightly sweet taste. It can be both the main dish and the base for soups. It is also spread on bread or served with fried vegetables.

Spongy bones are various cartilages with connective tissue.

For example, beef ribs. We offer several kinds of beef ribs for sale:

  • The large ones, which are basically whole raw bones that are extremely good for cooking soups and second courses, stewing and grilling.
  • Short beef ribs. Those are more meat on bones than ribs in the usual sense. These are incredibly juicy pieces of meat that are perfect for grilling, baking, and stewing. Unlike the usual ribs, on the short ribs, the meat is located on their top, and not between the bones, and there is really a lot of it there.

Beef ribs are a wonderful healthy product that allows you to cook a huge variety of dishes and surprise your family and guests.

Despite their more than affordable price, bones can also be a gourmet product. They contain a large amount of proteins, extraneous components, calcium and mineral salts. The main cooking method is poaching. The main dishes from beef bones are broths, jellies, and second dishes. But in addition to popular dishes, there are many original recipes. For example, bone marrow-based sauces appear on the menus of the world's most luxurious restaurants.

As to beef shank bones, their value lies in the fact that they contain huge amounts of glucosamine, which is one of the main components of which drugs are made for joints and bones. As a home recipe, the ordinary jellied meat made from such bones helps to cope with this problem.

In addition, beef bones such as oxtail bone, for instance, are an essential addition to a healthy diet for dogs and other carnivorous animals.