Endocrine-enzyme raw materials

The assortment of endocrine-enzyme raw materials includes:

  • Beef psalterium;
  • Cattle prostate with seminal vesicles;
  • Cattle prostate (stem) glands;
  • Cattle tendons;
  • Cattle pancreas;
  • Ox bile;
  • Mucous membranes of the abomasum;
  • Mucous membranes of a pigs stomach;
  • Ribs gristle;
  • Pig bile;
  • Cattle aorta;
  • Cattle gullet;
  • Beef brain;
  • Vitreous body of cattle. Eye retina. Epiphyse (chilled or frozen, prepacked) ;
  • Blood (frozen, block packed to be placed on pallets for shipping);
  • Honeycomb (reticulum).

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