Food Quality and Safety Policy

Our mission: We make what people love. Vision: We see ourselves as a brand with respectful attitude towards our partners, employees and customers, the one longing to hold leadership in terms of market share as well as customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our values: Love. A product made with love is truly the best one. It is our secret ingredient which makes the basis of every recipe. Leadership. We are longing to be the best in every respect: products, sales, performance, expertise. Never-ending progress. We are never fully satisfied with our achievements, always longing for improvement in every aspect. Progress is our hobby for doing the best. Responsibility. We are fully aware of our responsibility towards the customers and society. That is why we apply the latest quality management systems, product safety management systems and environmental management systems which ensure that all products meet applicable regulations of the meat processing industry. Our principles: To be proud of our work and its outcome. To treat the customers with meat products of great savour and quality. To implement most advanced meat processing and production processes and techniques. To meet environmental standards: it is our responsibility towards next generations. Our goal: To remain the top meat processor in the country – there is no other present or future for us. To implement the Policy, the management has identified major focuses: • Customer orientation Increasing the degree of customer satisfaction by studying and flawlessly fulfilling their requirements, anticipating and exceeding their expectations while complying with legal and other mandatory requirements. • Production of high-quality and safe products Systematic control of technological processes based on HACCP principles. Implementation of effective communication on food safety issues between concerned parties within the food chain. Maintaining the working environment in proper condition. • Leadership Formation of leadership skills in managers at every level. • Staff involvement Development of corporate culture and creation of conditions conducive to the active participation of personnel in achieving the goals of the company. Increasing the competence of personnel. • Process approach Management of the corporate business processes as a system in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the company in obtaining the intended results. • Relationship management Development of mutually beneficial relationships with partners. The management of Brest Meat Processing Plant JSC takes responsibility for the implementation of this Policy, for continuous improvement of the quality management system and the food safety management system, for ensuring that all employees of the company understand and support it. P. Bukhovetsky General Director, Brest Meat Processing Plant JSC, Apr. 05 2019

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